About Us


They say magic happens when like minded people come together with a will to make a change. We are aspire to do just that. In an industry plagued by fly by night operators, organizations that walk the tight rope between ethics and financial gains, we plan to infuse that breath of fresh air. Credvest promises to keep customers before self. Credvest promises to advise basis profits gained by our customers and not us. We are simple, honest and straight forward and this, we think will help us achieve momentous change in the real estate industry.

With a collective 100 plus years of experience spanning industries of real estate and media, an enthusiastic group of professionals thought they could drive change. We were surprised when our thoughts looked good on paper and was well received by another set of professionals eager to get on board, an ethical and honest organization. Before we knew it, a team of 25 wore the Credvest hat, ready to create history.


Meet our Team members

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Suman Naidu

A firebrand sales professional with over a decade of hard-core sales experience spanning some of the largest investment & financial advisory organizations in the banking and real estate space. Suman was instrumental in taking the first step to bring together the team at Credvest and lead the change revolution. A passionate investment banking professional, with hands-on experience in markets across Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, Suman drives the sales team along with donning the role of Credvest’s Chief Executive

Siddharth Renganathan

Siddharth Renganathan

An operations and management veteran, Sid brings to Credvest, expertise in sales leadership, corporate governance, pre and post sales process flow and bringing about six sigma discipline across processes to life. Following a long line of leadership roles in large corporates across organizations in banking, insurance & real estate organizations in India & UAE, Sid followed his heart to be an entrepreneur and proudly runs Credvest as Chief of Operations.

Selvam Chokkappa

An Operations Veteran, Selvam comes with 37 years of his vast experience, expertise in People and Process Management. He was part of Sr. Management Committee for 17 years in Compensation & Benefits. He implemented various SOP resulting in Process Improvement which in turn benefited the company. Selvam also brings to Credvest his vast knowledge in Statutory Compliances to implement a better process. Selvam defines Cost Control Measures resulting to Process efficiency.